average settlements for common workplace injuries

While there is no way to predict exactly how much your case is worth, especially before you have completed medical treatment, you can get a general idea of what you can expect for certain injuries. While your lawyer can give you an idea of what to expect, there are so many variables involved in workers’ compensation cases that there is no exact science when it comes to benefits and compensation.

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Common Workplace Injuries in California

According to a 2015 study on workers’ compensation done by Martindale-Nolo Research, the most common kinds of work injury in California is one that results from a one-time traumatic event. Approximately two-thirds of the study participants reported that their workplace injury was the result of a one-time occurrence. 

The second most common type of injury is a repetitive use or repetitive motion injury. These types of injuries made up about 28% of the reported injuries in the study. Finally, approximately 6% of California workers’ compensation injuries reported according to the 2015 study involved work-related stress. To have a successful work-related stress claim, you will generally need to show that actual events of employment were the predominant cause of your stress. 

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The most common type of traumatic event injuries were slip-and-fall injuries. According to the Martindale-Nolo Research study, nearly 41% of workers who reported a one-time traumatic injury suffered a slip-and-fall event. Other common traumatic injuries include being struck by something in the workplace, car accidents, machine-related injuries, and lifting injuries.

The back was the most common body part injured, as reported in the 2015 workers’ compensation study. In fact, more than half of the injured workers in California filed a workers’ compensation claim for a back injury. Other common injured body parts include hand and arm injuries, foot and leg injuries, and neck injuries. It is not very common for a worker to suffer a hearing or vision-related injury, though these kinds of injuries do occur.

What You May Expect for Some of the Most Common Workplace Injuries

Medical bills add up quickly, so one of your main concerns is likely about how to get your medical bills paid. If your claim is accepted by your employer’s insurance company, it will be responsible for paying your medical bills for reasonable treatment related to your work injury.

If your claim is under investigation by the insurance company and has not been accepted or denied yet, you may still able to receive medical care in the meantime. If the insurer ends up denying your claim, they will still be liable for the medical bills that you incurred up to the point of their denial; however, this is only up to a maximum of $10,000.

You may also be entitled to temporary disability payments if you are off work or working light duty at a lower pay rate. You can get an idea of how much you will receive for this benefit per week by calculating two-thirds of your average weekly wage. There are also state minimums and maximums, so your attorney will be able to assess your income and advise you regarding the amount you should be receiving. 

If your injury is lasting and permanent, you will be assigned a permanent disability rating. It will be a percentage from 1% to 100%, and your disability rating will consider your age and occupation along with the impairment level of your injury. The amount of money you will receive in permanent disability benefits is based on your permanent disability rating. 

Generally, the more serious an injury is, the more likely it is that you will have a permanent impairment, which will tend to result in a higher settlement. For example, someone with a very serious back injury that requires years of treatment and surgery and left an injured worker unable to return to their former job will likely receive a higher settlement than someone who had a minor back strain and was back at work a week later.

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