back pain for workers comp injuryThere are generally two kinds of work-related back injuries. The first one falls under the category of a traumatic injury. For example, a back injury may be caused at work due to a traumatic event, such as lifting a heavy object. The other kind of back injury is a repetitive use injury. This kind of injury develops over time while you are performing repetitive work-related duties that involve your back.

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Different Types of Work-Related Back Injuries

One of the most common back injuries occurring due to work-related activities is a back sprain or strain. This type of injury can result in a minor back sprain or may result in a more severe sprain. Lumbar sprains are those that occur in the lower back, while cervical sprains occur in the upper back and neck. Thoracic sprains are sprains in the mid-back, but these tend to be less common. Workers who routinely perform tasks such as lifting heavy objects may also suffer from a repetitive-use back injury.

Symptoms of lower back sprains include pain in the lower back and upper buttocks areas and lower back muscle spasms. With a lower back sprain, you may also notice tenderness and stiffness. Performing certain activities may cause pain, which can typically be relieved with rest. Treatment for lower back sprains may include rest, ice, pain relief medications, and physical therapy.

Work-related cervical sprains may occur due to over the head lifting duties, or in car accidents that occur in the course of employment. Cervical sprain symptoms include pain in the upper back and neck along with muscle spasms. You may also experience stiffness or difficulty with range of motion in your neck. Tenderness and swelling are also associated with cervical sprains. Treatment for cervical sprains may include rest, ice, pain relief medications, and physical therapy.

There are also more severe back injuries that may occur due to the performance of work-related activities. One of these more serious injuries is a herniated disc. A herniated disc is caused by a tear or rupture in the outside of a spinal disc that allows the softer material inside to push out. If you previously had no symptoms prior to a traumatic work event, your attorney may be able to demonstrate that your herniated disc was caused by or aggravated by your work injury.

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How to Get a Workers’ Compensation Settlement for Your Back Injury

If you have suffered any type of back injury as a result of performing your work duties, you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. There are filing deadlines called statutes of limitations, so it is important to file your case right away to preserve your rights. It is also beneficial to retain an attorney early on in your case so that if you find that medical treatment and other benefits are denied, you can ensure that the proper steps are taken to move your case forward.

Once you have hired a workers’ compensation attorney to handle your case, they will handle the legal issues that arise in your case. You will need to focus on staying on track with your recommended medical care and working to recover from your injury. If you have any questions regarding your access to medical care or whether treatment is approved or denied by your employer’s insurance company, your attorney will be able to assist you.

It is important to keep your attorney informed regarding any medical treatment you obtain, especially things like surgical procedures. You should also give your attorney any information that may be helpful regarding your injury, such as names of witnesses who saw the injury happen, and the names of supervisors or managers to whom you provided notice of your injury.

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